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Here are some advantages you may experience if you choose some of our tours - throughout the year recreational climate, awesome natural phenomena, preserved traditions and folklore, thirteen century historic heritage, delicious cuisine.

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Private transfers to and from every town and airport in Bulgaria and  the neighboring countries. Travel safe, comfort and profitably! Let us make your trip special!

  • Monasteries in Bulgaria

    Some of the biggest Bulgarian treasures are its numerous monasteries, situated on unapproachable peaks, surrounded by amazing nature. Bulgarian monasteries are unique with their rich architecture, icons, and mural paintings, as well as with the legends and myths connected with some of them.
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  • Horse Passages

    The combination of Mediterranean flora, wild mountain nature and the authentic atmosphere of the villages and small towns makes these regions quite attractive for horse tourism.
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  • Thracian Tombs

    The ancient Thracians are considered to be the oldest inhabitants of the region of nowadays Bulgaria. According to ancient historian Herodotus they were the most numerous people after the Indians. There are Thracian tombs throughout the whole territory of Bulgaria.
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  • History Tour

    Found in 681, Bulgaria is one of the oldest European countries. But even with its 13-century tradition in fact it is a mere ?baby? comparing with the history of the civilization in nowadays Bulgarian lands.
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  • Architectural Tour

    The numerous architectural reserves in Bulgaria with their romantic aura lead the visitor more than a century back in time. They provide a sufficiently good idea about Bulgarian construction genius.
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  • Kayaking

    The infatuating vehemence of kayak and the pure adrenaline ? this is the answer to the adventure-seeker?s quest. Kayaking downstream deep river gorges will draw you into a whirlpool of incredible sensations and emotions.
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  • Mountain Biking

    The program is created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, who want to know Bulgaria riding a bike. Mountain biking with its freedom of movement and is an ideal way to get to know Bulgarian nature, history and local traditions.
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  • Mountain Tour

    The programs are especially designed to combine as far as possible the pleasure from movement and active rest with visit of natural phenomena, historical and architectural monuments.
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Black Sea vacations

A whole chain of summer resorts, small ancient towns, golden sands and dunes, green hills and picturesque rivers, is stretched between the cape of Kaliakra to the north, and the exotic river of Veleka to the south...
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